Game Days

The tournament dates and locations

  • Tournaments
  • Sept. 9th-10th Springfield
  • Sept. 23rd-24th Champaign
  • Oct. 21st-22nd Belleville
  • Additional games will be scheduled with clubs near the vicinity of Effingham County (Mattoon, Charleston, and Onley)

Practices Set up

The practices provides from the Crossroads Soccer Club are mirrored to the U.S. Soccer foundation best practices model.

  • 15 min warm up
  • 20 min skill
  • 25 min small sided game
  • 30 min game

During the small sided game and the regular game, coaches will be very involved with giving instruction. This is for the players to look froward to the practice (because they get to play a game) and because the best way to learn soccer is by playing the game of soccer.

The practices will start the middle of August. There will be one practice during the week (what day works best of the coach) and one practice on Sunday afternoons.


Crossroads Soccer Club wants you to know where every dollar goes too. The tournaments, training, and equipment is expensive. Every coach has to go a weekend training in Collinsville or Chicago. This training alone cost $300 per coach, not including the hotel and food.

Here is a break down of the price of club by section:

  • $25 player cards
  • $20 Insurance
  • $150 tournaments
  • $25 Jerseys
  • $50 Employee/coaching training
  • $30 equipment
  • Total $300

Club Director

Lee Althoff is the Crossroads Soccer Club director. He grew up around the Effingham area, and has been playing soccer since there was a YMCA in town. Since high school, he always thought that there should be a competitive league in the Effingham area. The talented athletes of our area deserve to be taught soccer in a more competitive way. After playing soccer in college, refereeing high school and college, and becoming a teacher, he knows the time, patience, and dedication it takes to create a competitive soccer league.

Lee Althoff’s Credentials

  • Collegiate level soccer player at Kaskaskia College
  • Referee for youth, high school, and college
  • High school soccer coach
  • Certified E licensed soccer coach
  • Jr. High Special Education Teacher